About Journal

Web and cyberspace are growing in importance day by day. Today, we witness their wide application in all parts of our daily life. In line with this progress, new research areas emerge that demand more attention to research in these fields. International Journal on Web Research (IJWR) is a prestigious international journal on web published by the USC Center for Web Research. Despite its significance and broadness, few scientific journals have addressed this subject. Therefore, IJWR seeks to publish the researches done by the web researchers.
Web is not only a subject related to the computer science and information technology but also an important interdisciplinary subject.
As the USC Center for Web Research holds the International Conference of Web Research indexed by IEEE Xplore since 2015, the conference and journal have the opportunity to publish a wide range of researches on web.
IJWR is interested in all areas of web research, especially the following areas:
- Web Quality Assessment
- Internet Economics & Business Models
- Web Security & Privacy
- Web Retrieval & Content Analysis
- Behavioral Analysis & Personalization
- Cyber Environments & Social Networks Analysis
- Human Computer Interaction
- Web Sociology & Ethics
- Web Computing in Mobile Applications
- Web Communications & Media
- Web Software Platforms & Tools
- Distributed, Massive, & Cloud Computing Platforms
- Semantic Web
- Web Mining