Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2021, Pages 1-46 (Spring-Summer) 

1. Multimodal Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Posts Using Deep Neural Networks

Pages 1-9


Aria Naseri Karimvand; Shahla Nemati; Reza Salehi Ghegeni; Mohammad Ehsan Basiri

2. A Deep Learning Approach for Diagnosis Chest Diseases

Pages 10-17


Touba Torabipour; Yousef Jahangirigolshavari; Safieh Siadat

5. ParSQuAD: Persian Question Answering Dataset based on Machine Translation of SQuAD 2.0

Pages 34-46


Negin Abadani; Jamshid Mozafari; Afsaneh Fatemi; Mohamadali Nematbakhsh; Arefeh Kazemi

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