Investigating the Effect of Website Quality on Trader's Responses in E-Financial Services of Stock Brokerage

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1 young research club

2 Razi University


The convergence of the stock market and the Internet has created new marketing channels in the e-commerce and stock market brokerage industry. Given the fact that the brokerage industry is customer-oriented, the principal challenge for firms active in this industry is attracting and maintaining customers and traders. This study aimed to assess the impact of the quality of financial service provider websites on customer responses among brokerages. The conceptual framework was developed Based on the S-O-R paradigm so that, corporate reputation and perceived value used as the mediator factors. This research adopted a questionnaire survey. All factors were measured with multiple items. The conceptual model was tested using PLS-SEM and Smart PLS software. Findings show that website quality is a determinant factor in predicting customer responses. The impact of website quality directly on customer perceived value and corporate reputation was significant. Also, corporate reputation and perceived value have a positive and significant impact on purchase intention and word-of-mouth. The Sobel test results, at 95% confidence level, accepted the indirect impact of website quality on word-of-mouth and the purchase intention, taking into account the mediating role of corporate reputation and perceived value. In general, this research developed a proposed framework on the role of website quality on customer and trader behaviour in the brokerage industry


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