Linkage and Connectivity Control in Wireless Sensor Network: A New Mechanism

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Naein Branch, Islamic Azad University, Naein, Iran


Recent developments in electronics and wireless communication play a leading role in manufacturing sensors with reduced power consumption that have wireless connectivity and limited processing capabilities. Due to the limitation of battery in sensor nodes, one of the main challenges in this type of network is energy consumption, which is directly related to the lifetime of the network.  Another important issue is to keep nodes connected in the network during data transmission. For these purposes, a connectivity control system is required. By improving the tree growth algorithm in the network graph, an optimal graph using a suitable path for data transmission in the network is designed. Connectivity control significantly improved system performance in terms of network power consumption and lifetime.   In this paper, a new algorithm for connectivity and linkage control, based on sequential mode is presented, which has achieved a significant improvement compared to an ordinary algorithm. The outcomes of the proposed algorithm on the selected model show 56% improvement in the remaining battery charge. In addition, the end-to-end delay was reduced by 0.5 m seconds in the network.