Scientific Map of Papers Related to Data Mining in Civilica Database Based on Co-Word Analysis

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1 Tarbiat Modares University Tehran,Iran

2 Tarbiat Modares University Tehran, Iran


Today, due to the large volume of data and the high speed of data production, it is practically impossible to analyze data using traditional methods. Meanwhile, data mining, as one of the most popular topics in the present century, has contributed to the advancement of science and technology in a number of areas. In the recent decade, researchers have made extensive use of data mining to analyze data. One of the most important issues for researchers in this field is to identify common mainstreams in the fields of data mining and to find active research fields in this area for future research. On the other hand, the analysis of social networks in recent years as a suitable tool to study the present and future relationships between the entities of a network structure has attracted the researcher’s scrutiny. In this paper, using the method of co-occurrence analysis of words and analysis of social networks, the scientific structure and map of data mining issues in Iran based on papers indexed during the years 1388 to 1398 in the Civilica database is drawn, and the thematic trend governing research in this area has been reviewed. The results of the analysis show that in the category of data mining, concepts such as clustering, classification, decision tree, and neural network include the largest volume of applications such as data mining in medicine, fraud detection, and customer relationship management have had the greatest use of data mining techniques.